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A recent Cosmopolitan magazine compilation of lesbian sex tips has been dubbed “truly insane.” Jenny Block called the article “crazy” and “unreal.” Cosmo’s response? A spirited defense. Lesbian sex isn’t the only sex topic Cosmo can cover. The following tips may help you improve your lesbian sex experience. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites here.

Preparation is key to having a successful first lesbian encounter. Just like you would for an exam, or a job interview, you should prepare thoroughly for a lesbian sexual encounter. To start, you should learn about the anatomy of the female body. This will ensure a fun encounter with minimal discomfort.

Lesbian sex is very different from heterosexual sex. The main difference is that lesbian sex is more focused on the clitoris and erogenous zones of the woman’s body. To achieve the clitoris position, two women lie on top of each other or side by side.

Lesbian – https://lesbiansandcity.com/us/illinois/joliet – sex is a natural part of a lesbian’s life. Learn about your lady parts and learn what makes them tick. Do not be afraid to be picky. Choose a partner you’re comfortable with and feel safe with. And remember to be confident in your own femininity!

Safe lesbian sex practices should be similar to those for straight sex. First, both partners should have STI screenings. You should always get a pelvic exam to make sure you’re healthy before sex. If you want to get pregnant, a lesbian may become pregnant.

The skin around the mouth is very sensitive. A special nerve called the buccal nerve is responsible for this sensation. The tip of the tongue is sensitive to this area, as is the upper lip. The entire neck is also extremely sensitive. And, the area between the collarbone and jawline is an erogenous zone. There’s also a small dip between the neck and the shoulders where there is little fatty tissue covering the nerves.

Another useful tip in lesbian sex is to place a pillow under the woman’s lower back. This will elevate her pelvic area and increase the chances of a deeper orgasm. Another trick is to stick your finger inside her vulva to trigger an orgasm.

Experimenting with different mouth parts is fun, but it can also be uncomfortable. Make sure to listen to her when she speaks about her desires. It can be hard to pull away from someone you’re enjoying! So, make sure to pay attention to your partner’s desires and give her plenty of time to choose the best way to satisfy your desires. It is important to remember that different people have different sex preferences.

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